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why this is important

We understand the areas of conception, programming and design as a whole. Without conception (project management) programming and design are not effective, they are slowed down and cost a lot of money - that's why we attach great importance to the conception of our Odoo projects. We work with the so-called Kanban method of agile project management. This makes it possible to complete a functional section of the ERP software within a small project period and within a short time, thus providing the company with immediate business value.


Our project managers discuss, analyze and optimize your requirements and business processes with you. Thereafter, all complex processes within storyboards are presented to plan the individual steps of the implementation. In the next step, the tasks are subdivided into individual tickets and prepared for programming.


Based on the conception and tickets (individual tasks), we start with the implementation in Odoo. Several of our Odoo developers work on your project at the same time and implement tasks in parallel - combined, they ultimately represent one of their business processes in Odoo. Daily updates between project management, programmers and clients do not create any bottlenecks in the development and ensure a smooth flow of software development.


Newly developed processes have to be appealingly displayed both in the backend and in the frontend. Our experienced designers and front-end developers make every wish possible - no matter how difficult. It's just colors, design grids or typography that sell products and services - because customers decide emotionally and can be witnessed by facts.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Stefan Krämer - CelticGold AG

"The cooperation with bloopark went smoothly, effectively organized, extremely fast and professional. Due to the applied agile software development and integration of a Kanban live ticket system, there was the greatest possible transparency.  We are more than satisfied."

Odoo CMS - a big picture




Odoo is royalty-free in the community version, which means: no monthly or annual license fees have to be paid per user - a major difference to SAP, for example.

Open Source

Odoo is open source. Special business processes can be easily integrated into ERP - almost without limits and very flexible. Odoo never stands still and is constantly developed in the basic version.


Your business grows & Odoo grows with you. Freely scalable means: Odoo can be expanded at any time, just as your company needs it - step by step. The user numbers are also scalable - as you wish ...

Odoo CMS - a big picture

OCA Gold Sponsor

The Odoo Community Association, OCA for short, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the distribution of Odoo and to support the co-development of Odoo features. We are Gold Sponsor and through our development work we help all companies using Odoo ERP. Currently in 2018 we are working on the migration scripts of Odoo 11.

Bloopark's Team

Abdou Nasser

Odoo Full Stack Developer


Achraf Mhadhbi

Loves Python & Odoo / In his spare time he likes to go for walks / He just likes his coffee black.


Agustin Wisky

Odoo Full Stack Developer

Loves trail running and rock climbing..and tea as well as coffee


Benjamin Curtis

HR Assistant


Felix Meier


Freddy Czaja

Online Marketing Manager


Hamid Ahmadi Moghaddam

Projekt Manager

He always looks for innovative ideas to deal with challenges. He is also eager to learn and in love with coding.


Hassan Bakhit

Scrum Master/Project Manager


Jens Holze


He is the boss / Omnipresent: from coding to sales/ Coffee slash Mojitos enthusiast.


Lucie Krejskova

As our czech work(aholic) student, she completes the international team / Don´t talk to her before she gets her morning coffee.


Moustafa khairy

Odoo Full Stack Developer


Natalia Santiago

Working Student


Olaf Poppe


Without him, we would not have it so nice / His coffee is prepared by Freddy.


Omar Abdelaziz

Odoo Full Stack Developer


Petra Holze

Financial Advisor

She is the good soul of the company / Positive, dedicated, very precise / Coffee, yes, but without sugar.


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